Leben Laboratory is the India based pharmaceutical company engaged in development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of various medicines with over 33 years of experience focusing on value medicine.

Leben integrates ‘people, processes and potential’ towards the betterment of humanity.

Leben is a German synonym for ‘LOVE TO LIFE’.

Leben Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. which came into existence in 1989 is a privately held pharmaceutical company in India, with its headquarters located in Mumbai (Maharashtra). Over the last three decades, the company has been developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products in India and distributing these in over 18 overseas countries around the world besides domestically.


We Are Trusted By World's Leading Companies

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Plant

Leben has a manufacturing plant with state-of-the-art technology which is not only well organized, but is also audited and approved by FDA, WHO-GMP, ISO, AFDA- Afghanistan, DDA- Nepal, EFDA- Ethiopia, NDA-Uganda, NMRA-Sri Lanka, PMRA-Malawi, PPB-Kenya, SBDMA-Yemen, ZAMRA-Zambia etc.

Wide Range of Products

Focusing strongly on Innovation and Research, the company has various specialties, including Antibiotics, Anti-allergic, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Anti-hypertensive, Anti-pyretic, Antacids, Anti-infective, Anti-malarial, Antiseptic, Disinfectants, Respiratory, Haematinic, Multivitamins, etc.

Leben Manufacturing Unit II